First Blog Post!

So, the first blog post on Pixels and Ink. There’s no posts that I dislike writing more. Most of the times, that’s because I don’t really remember why I thought starting yet another new blog was the best idea I ever had. Do I really need a fourth tech blog about a niche topic I once read something about?

But Pixel and Ink is vastly different. You see, most blogs I’ve made before this one focused on the written word. They were formed around topics I know a think or two about, mostly nerdy things that are related to computers, things you do with computers, and how to fix thing so you can do those things with computers.

But I also wanted a place where I could show the creative side of me, with no-one in particular. A place where I can post pretty pictures I’ve taken. Where I can share how awfully inadequate I am when it comes to calligraphy or photography – and don’t really care because it’s fun to do.

So, yeah. Here we are. Pixels and Ink. A place where I’m gong to be sharing things I made. It’ll be refreshing to post about that, instead of writing on things that other people made.

As I write this post, I already caught myself apologizing for wanting to share my creations. Because I’m not great at the things I enjoy.  Because people might roll their eyes, and think “Pfffft, I could do that myself!” But none of that matters.

Because you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy a hobby. You don’t need to be world-classt to be genuinely excited about the progress you made. Sometimes, you just want to share something because “I made that.”

I made that. I made all the things on this blog. You’re welcome.


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