Pictures Of A Time Traveller In The Netherlands

Today, I finally tested my time machine for the first time and travelled back to the start of the 20th centuty. I did accidentally end up in the Netherlands, but I managed to fend off the locals and…

Okay, seriously, I visted the Open Air museum in Arnhem which shows you the life in the Netherlands across the centuries; bust mostly the end of the 19th century, and with the most interesting locations being from the beginning / middle of the 20th century).

I managed to get a few nice pictures. I too a lot more than what you’re seeing below (obviously) and since it has been a while that I took that many pictures it felt weird ending up with “only” 35 out of 150 pictures. Still better than that time I took three hundred and kept twenty or so even though that forrest was super boring.

Anyway, open air museums are rad. It’s the third time i visited the museum but the first time I took my “real” camera and actually had the guys to compose decent pictures.

Time travelling starts below. Practice your best Dutch.


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