The Last Pictures Of This Year

When I first started this blog, I figured I would get bored with it after three blog posts. When I looked at the front page with it’s mosaic of images, I thought “How am I ever going to fill it? It’s going to look empty and fugly and I’ll get bored!”

Well, here we are, at the end of the year. This will be my 12th post that contains pictures. The first blog post doesn’t count because that picture came with the theme #EndOfTheYearConfessions

So, in a way, this blog is everything I would have wanted it to be and more. Looking at my other blog post, I’m starting to think I bought a Premium plan for the wrong freaking site.

Anyway, end of the year reflections aside, I took a few pictures at a “winter” event. As it turns out, I’m still really bad at taking pictures in the dark. Something about not *really* being able to hold my hand still when it’s required. Then again I’ve been told that taking pictures in the dark is really hard. I will have some learning to do next year.

One of the pictures is a failed picture that I turned into something neat. I like how the light drew lines; so I cropped out the parts I liked the best and made it wallpaper sized. It was the perfect excuse to start Photoshop and Lightroom again.

New Year resolution: figure out how both those tools work and go crazy. Okay, crazier.


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