Review: Hema A6 Notebook

When I started this blog, I wanted to talk about two hobbies of mine: Photography and writing. So far, it’s been a bit one-sided leaning towards just photo’s. Part of the reason is that I came to the conclusion that I’m somewhat decent at taking pictures, and not-that-great at calligraphy. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t be writing about… writing at all.

So, I thought I should write about writing some more. (That’s the last time I’m using that verb twice in the same sentence, I swear). What better way to start than by combining my love for the written word with another interest – writing reviews?

That being said, here’s the review itself.

Hema A6 Notebook

Ever since I have started to use the “Bullet Journal” system, which I’ve heavily adapted to my own – it’s more of a journal and a to-do list for me – I’ve been looking for pocket sized note books that I can take with me if I’m going somewhere. Notebooks that are A6 sized are, after all, the ideal fit for my pocket(s)!

Of course, there is a wide range of notebooks to choose from. There’s Moleskins and other “high end” brands that cost quite a few bucks. The notebooks I’ve been using so far came from Action, a discount store. They were nice, with fake leather covers – but the paper wasn’t the greatest.

While shopping in Maastricht (see my other blog post for the pictures), I noticed some notebooks in the Hema and decided to pick them up as they were €2 for two.

This ‘discount’ notebook has got 80 pages (160 if you count both sides), and has a cardboard cover. On the plus side, you can write on the cover. On the negative side, that means the cover is really “vulnerable” when it comes to water which is less than ideal for something that you want to carry around everywhere. I can see myself damaging the cover(s) as well by putting it into my pocket and removing it. You get what you pay for, I suppose.

So the outside isn’t that great, but how about the inside?

The paper is lined and of decent quality. It is pretty smooth, but a bit brown / darker. The paper is fairly fountain pen friendly. The ink was absorbed well and there was no smudging other than with the TWBSI Eco – but that pen has been smudging on all kinds of paper for me and I don’t know whether to blame the pen or the ink.

The paper is a bit scratchy, which shouldn’t be a problem when using fountain pens or gel pens. For fountain pens, you might notice a little bit of resistance. Because of how the pages are glued to the cover, it’s also hard to use the full page. This is particularly true for the middle of the book; you’d need to bend / break in the book for it to even lie down so you can start writing. I’m not sure how that’ll affect the notebook itself.

Al in all, you get what you pay for. The notebook offers a decent amount of paper in a less than perfect cover. Unfortunately, that might make them less that ideal for what I bought them for – being my every-day notebooks. But if you’re looking for a small notebook that doesn’t leave the house, then this notebook might be something for you.


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