Of Luxembourg and France

I have spent the last two weeks abroad. While I will admit that Luxembourg and France aren’t the most exotic destinations, this gave me the chance to shoot some pictures – something which I haven’t done a lot of recently.

Due to our familiar destination, I didn’t take as many pictures as the last two vacations. One SD card more than sufficed, and after some carefull selection I came up with a “Best Of” selection that only contains about 60 images.

However, viewing the scenery in both our Southern neighbour countries has poked the fire to go out and take more pictures, so who knows what it might lead to.

I haven’t added all of the pictures to the album. Instead I’ll be linking to my Flickr album which contains all images. If there is an image you would like to use in any way, feel free to send me a screenshot and I will provide you the high res version of the image. (That’s me, pretending people are interested in my pictures. Nothing changed).

Enjoy the mixed bag of pictures, and make sure to keep checking this blog because more is to follow in the not so far future now that my camera got to stretch his legs again.

Full album can be found here


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